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Meet Kristin


MoCo born and raised

Born and raised in Montgomery County, I’m a first-generation Chinese American, a proud Montgomery County Public Schools graduate (go Blazers!) and former MCPS teacher, and a community organizer who’s spent years fighting for social, racial, economic, and climate justice.


I'm also a mom and the Senior Legislative Organizer for the Center for Popular Democracy, a nationwide nonprofit fighting for justice at the local, state, and federal levels.


You might recognize me from a 2018 viral video in which I confronted Trump’s corrupt Director of the Environmental Protection Agency, Scott Pruitt, in a D.C. restaurant. With my then-2-year-old on my hip, I called out Pruitt for his misuse of tax dollars and failure to address climate change, and urged him to “resign before your scandals push you out.” Three days later, he did.


Integrity and bold action get results. With your support, we will bring both to the County Council.


Why I'm running

Montgomery County is facing an intersection of crises: 


  • COVID-19 has devastated workers and small businesses, pushed families out of their homes, isolated students and disrupted their educations, and potentially saddled thousands of COVID survivors with new pre-existing conditions. 

  • Climate change is a fast-advancing reality. 

  • Our current system of policing continues to leave segments of our community afraid for their lives and their children’s lives. We can and must do better.

  • East County has been under-valued and neglected by county decision-makers for years. As the most diverse and lowest-income district in the county, crises disproportionately impact our residents.

However, this time of upheaval is also a moment of tremendous opportunity. With integrity and bold action, we can not only recover, but come out a stronger, more equitable community. We can lift the voices of District 5 residents, and use our seat at the table to demand action. 


This moment opens the door to systemic solutions that reflect the needs and progressive values of our community. We need a County Council that will step through that door with joy and determination.

Kristin Mink for Montgomery County Council: Fighting For Better

Kristin Mink for Montgomery County Council: Fighting For Better

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