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Kristin Joins Tenants To Disrupt Corporate Landlord Conference

Updated: Jun 6, 2022

This week, I joined tenants from across the country to disrupt a conference of corporate landlords meeting in DC. We took the stage to demand Just Cause Eviction Protections, rent stabilization and more.

When we interrupted, they were about to start a feel-good, back-patting session over lunch called “Doing Right By Doing Good: Rental Housing & Social Impact.” But they wouldn’t let our tenants speak about the impact their policies have had on them, and what could be improved.

As the protest continued outside, however, reps from the corporate landlord conference came out. They wanted to meet. So we sat down together. And we agreed to a larger meeting soon, to negotiate in detail. (There was particular resistance to Just Cause protections.)

Stay tuned! Our coalition has extracted major concessions from other big players before. This action was led by Center for Popular Democracy (my workplace), CASA, New York Communities for Change, Action NC, and more.

As it turned out, one of the hotel workers lives in Montgomery County’s District 5! And guess what: his rent is too damn high! Thank you for your support, JP — it’s time to strengthen tenant protections in Montgomery County!

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