Students For Mink



Students For Mink, the youth wing of our campaign, is a large and growing team of local students who know their voices matter and are organizing with us to make a difference!
If you are a middle or high school student interested in getting involved, please click here. One of our students will be in touch!

Most campaign volunteer activities qualify for Student Service Learning hours.

Team Leaders

Students For Mink Lead Organizer 

Nina Atrokhov

Basebuilding Lead

Isabella Long

Canvassing Leads

Henry Cohen

Ryan Hachey

Data Analysis Lead

Matt Eisner

Events Leads

Brianna Akuamoah-Boateng

Cate Sauri

Fundraising Leads

Gracie Mika

Dylan Verma

Policy Lead

Annie Antonietti

Social Media Leads

Emily Atrokhov

Cate Sauri

Emma Suleiman