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Alison Praisner-Klumpp Endorses Kristin Mink, Calls for "Strong Woman" to Lead District 5

Updated: Jun 28, 2022

Community leader Alison Praisner-Klumpp, daughter of late Councilwoman Marilyn Praisner and an MCPS teacher, has endorsed Kristin Mink for County Council District 5.

"It's time to have a strong woman representing our district again on the County Council. It's time to elect Kristin Mink in District 5." -Alison Praisner-Klumpp

Councilwoman Praisner was known for her commitment to being accessible and responsive to the community, her unmatched work ethic, and her ability to go beyond platitudes and deliver real results for East County. And her family has continued that legacy.

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