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Kristin Behind 2 Million Pieces of PPE and Hundreds of Rides to Vax Appointments

In March 2020, while still teaching middle school (virtually), I co-founded Masks For America, a volunteer-run nonprofit that crowdfunded, sourced, and delivered PPE to frontline workers and high-risk communities. This included personally driving trucks across states at night to make deliveries.

​We worked primarily with labor unions and mutual aid groups to get PPE directly into the hands of those who needed it most urgently.

In March 2021, it became clear that transportation was a major barrier for many in Montgomery County who wanted to get vaccinated, because we had no mass vax site. This was disproportionately a problem for those who were lower-income, worked long hours, or had disabilities.

So, I began raising funds with the community to provide free rides to and from vaccination appointments. I partnered with a local, Black-owned transportation company called Next Destination Transportation.

Our amazing community rose up to support, and together we provided hundreds of rides!

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