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Kristin Receives Endorsement of Two Local Cameroonian Organizations

April 12, 2022 - I'm honored to have received the endorsement of two major, long-standing local Cameroonian organizations, Ndah Nchunyin and Ndahntod Cultural Group. I am particularly moved to know that these groups have never previously endorsed a candidate for political office. I'm deeply grateful to have such deep support from my Cameroonian neighbors, and I look forward to continuing to work together to engage and empower our local Cameroonian community at all levels of government!

“Kristin has shown up for us when others have not. She is the fighter for justice that anyone should want in their corner. She is genuine, passionate, and, importantly, effective in her efforts to uplift community members and their needs. She is the candidate we trust to stay engaged with us, empower our people, and bring about meaningful change. We enthusiastically endorse Kristin Mink for County Council District 5.”

"Because of Kristin's deep understanding of the needs of the people of Montgomery County and beyond, and because of her determination and proven capability to change lives and better the community, we hereby endorse Kristin Mink for County Council. We will stand by her until the finish line, and work hand in hand for years to come." -Legima Doh, President, Ndah Nchunyin

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