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This campaign is funded completely by the people! We are not accepting money from any business, corporation, PAC, or committee. The maximum donation is $250.


Nov. 8, 2022
"Doorstep": Kristin Mink Enters District 5 Race for County Council

"Doorstep": Kristin Mink Enters District 5 Race for County Council

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Meet Kristin

Born and raised in Montgomery County, I’m a first-generation Chinese American, a proud Montgomery County Public Schools graduate (go Blazers!) and former MCPS teacher, and a community organizer who’s spent years fighting for social, racial, economic, and climate justice.


I’m also a mom and the Senior Legislative Organizer for the Center for Popular Democracy, a nationwide nonprofit fighting for justice at the local, state, and federal levels.

You might recognize me from a 2018 viral video in which I confronted Trump’s corrupt Director of the Environmental Protection Agency, Scott Pruitt, in a D.C. restaurant. With my then-2-year-old on my hip, I called out Pruitt for his misuse of tax dollars and failure to address climate change, and urged him to “resign before your scandals push you out.” Three days later, he did.


Integrity and bold action get results. With your support, we will bring both to the County Council.

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